Hello and welcome to the PR Design Blog… We are a web/graphic design company based in Yorkshire – England. We are currently developing our website but we will post a link as soon as it is completed.

If you would like to contact us feel free to do so at info@prdesign-studio.co.uk

Harry, PR Design


6 Responses to “Welcome…”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Very impressive. We are most pleased with the design work you have undertaken for us

  2. Joe Says:

    Brilliant work, most of your designs are very eminent and some are of the highest quality I have seen in a long while. After observing these designs I feel confident in saying, it’s a mere matter of time before your reputation will proceed you and you are destined to go on to become a very renowned and acclaimed graphic/web designer.

  3. Ethan Says:

    cool site harry

  4. Mike Cox Says:

    We would like to thank Harry for his logo design. Given the minimum information he came back quickly with several options.
    We suggest that you give him a try!

    Mike Cox
    Managing Director

  5. Whitley Says:

    Looking good Harry mate, well done.

  6. kane woodcock Says:

    the invatations you made for the spring/summer hair show were fantastic, we even had a few inquires about whom created them, so we pointed them in you direction.

    thank you very much for all you have done at such shaort notice and a great price

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