Website Launched!

After a long long while in the making, the PR Design website is now fully functional! Check it out at


5 Responses to “Website Launched!”

  1. a. chalmers Says:

    great site! i love th clean crisp design.

  2. Frankie Says:

    Well done looks like you’ve put loadsa work into this site and its paid off! xx

  3. Jake Says:

    Da syt is propa gud man. Dat complex scriptin works gud. Aint u glad im so gud at helpin… haha!! On a serious note, its real gud and it all works well. WELL DONE HARRY!!! *woop woop* *release hundreds of balloons* haha

  4. lisa Says:

    think your designs are really good! that designer, think his name is sam, is the best designer ever 😉 well done on the site, looking goooood!

  5. Respiro, the logo design guy Says:

    Congrats for your site, it’s a nice web 2.0 work! 🙂

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